REGENERATIVE: To Regain Health and Youthfulness

As we grow older, the natural healing process of our body will progressively deteriorate and will eventually leads to various ailments. Therefore, helping to renew and replace damaged cells is not a choice, but a must, so as to achieving a holistic wellness as we aged.

At this regenerative phase, The Laureate Signature offers you personalized, safe and non-surgical skin treatments known as Self Growth Colony® (SGC) Treatment that enhances the renewal of your skin cells targeting your concerns such as skin ageing and skin sagging, allowing you to regain the youthfulness of your skin.

The Secret of Self Growth Colony (SGC®) Treatment

Originated from Hong Kong and funded by Hong Kong government for research and development, SGC® is one of the most advanced aging-skin reversal treatments. It helps to activate self-regenerative power of your skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen to improve the entire skin texture of your face and body.

As a result, SGC® helps you in repairing your damaged cells, regenerating hair growth, improving your skin’s elasticity and tightens your pores. In addition, it also helps to heal severe skin condition such as eczema.  It is remarkably proven that in just 1 SGC® treatment, the result is equivalent to 6 sessions of IPL Laser or Needle Rollers or other treatments as shown in the diagram below: