Dato Kelvin Tan – 58 years old

“There was no inherent problem but more by choice that I decided to have my DNA profiled. Every one of us is unique supported by our genes. While we cannot change our inherited genes we can find out the environmental factors that affects our genes. For this reason, I choose to know so that I will be able to lead a healthier life based on more precise and accurate information from DNA profiling.

I noticed my energy level has improved immensely, resulting in better health overall. We are able to know our body well instead of through guesstimate. I am impressed with the approach and consultation which is professional and personalized to individual’s uniqueness.

The Laureate Wellness Centre has a team of skilled healthcare professionals and the whole process was made prompt, comfortable and precise. I was given detailed briefing for my total wellness which is easy to execute.

I would recommend DNA profiling to others as it provides insight into the person’s future in terms of health and potential for developing certain diseases in order to start preventing.”

Tay SL – 48 years old

“I was constantly on three different Diabetic medication and insulin injection. It has been a burden to me. Ever since I done my DNA Profiling, I get to understand specifically the quantity, meal timing and what type of food I should take and also avoid. The Nutrigenomics Practitioner aka dietitian advised based on both my genetics report and my current health condition. The 3 months journey was easy with the guidance of the team of experts.

The most satisfying outcome is that I regain my energy level, reduced medication, insulin dosage and normalised my HbA1c. I am now more confident with the food I eat and the way to manage my diabetes.”

Steven S – 27 years old

“I took a lot of precautions, as I was advised to consume specific supplements by Dr Rajbans and Vanessa, that would help with my nervous system damage. Through the programme, I learnt that I cannot take refined carbohydrates because that causes inflammation. It is difficult in the beginning, especially when most food that I like I am not allowed to take. However, with persistence and effort, it is possible. The diet programme has helped me with my panic attacks. I would also like to thank my parents for their love and support.”

Chai LL – 54 years old

“I struggled with my weight due to hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. I have invested a lot in weight lost methods, there were times my effort succeeded but I often struggled with rebounds. When I get to do my DNA test, I get to know my genes better and understand the concept and way to lose weight through a more sustainable way. Until now after 6 months, I am still able to control my weight as compared to last time.”

Dr Ravi Venkatachalam – 50 years old

“After DNA profiling program, I understood what are the do’s and dont’s for myself. The solution was unique. The approach and consultation are very systemic and clear. The 3 months program with continuous follow-up helped me to achieve my health target levels. The overall experience was excellent. I would recommend DNA profiling to others!”

Lee B P – 39 years old

“I have tried bullet coffee to reduce my cholesterol and other fads diet out there in the market. Without understanding it, I followed blindly thinking its good for me. The genetic healthcare team is very professional, explaining to me carefully on how to reduce my cholesterol in a scientific and practical way. It works! I am very satisfied with my blood cholesterol results.”

Datin Chia H C – 52 years old

“I, myself am a very health conscious person and have been taking quite a number of different supplements for my health. After doing this DNA Profiling, I am able to understand my body, deep into my cellular level more, in a sense of preventing sickness and know what kind of supplements that are more suitable for me.

After joining this program with The Laureate and also the support from doctors and dietitians, my inflammation status and overall health has improved immensely. The consultation is very informative, teaches me how to balance out my current lifestyle according to my genes.

Price is not the matter, most importantly is being healthy and achieving holistic wellness.”

Vincent Lee – Parent

“My 6 years old daughter suffered from eczema since young and it affects her daily life or whenever we are out. DNA profiling help reduced my daughter eczema symptoms, and I am more confident to let her hang out with her friends on her own.

Specifically, I know what type of food she can and cannot take that might trigger her eczema episodes.”