SGC Self-Growth Colony

100% Organic Self-growth Nutrients Natural Preservation Technology

In the past, cell technologies or skin care products usually focus on using a single growth factor like EGF or IGF, cell renew and proliferation effect is limited. The therapeutic effect in natural skin takes complex integration of different growth factors, cytokines, vitamins, hormones, etc for cell renew and proliferation.

Besides, conventional cell therapies administered through injection or in vitro applications are rarely found effective and lasting result on facial rejuvenation. Reasons: Biologically, cell proteins are locked up inside the cells, it takes few days to be released in the applied area. Yet, due to the opened structure of skin, result in a high degree of dissipation, leaving behind hardly any lasting therapeutic effect.


3 Breakthroughs in Medical Aesthetic 

Unique Complete Colony brings Synergistic Effect Create Long-Lasting result  

In human skin, cells rely on the synergistic effect of altogether over 1000 growth factors, various trace elements, hormones, minerals..... to trigger the process of division and renewal on an ongoing basis.SGC is the only technology that replicates the synergistic effect of a complete colony of such growth factors to sustain the growth of cells and maintain long-lasting youth. 

Pioneer Technology

Decapsulation, Optimization and Activation of growth nutrients in Hematopoietic Cell Colony.
SGC is the patented technology that enables the cloning of cytokines and growth factors in Hematopoietic Cell Colony which have undergone optimization in the laboratory. Direct application “on” the skin is all that is needed to trigger the division of stem cells underneath, resulting in a faster and more in-depth renewal process.

Unique 100% Organic Self-growth nutrients Natural Preservation Technology

Cell proteins can hardly survive outside human bodies based on traditional cell technologies. They are unable to take the complementary role as an external source of supply.

SGC is the only technology which can exert high density optimized, activated cytokines from your own body for long preservation up to two years with prolonged efficacy and freshness.


SGC Self-Growth Colony

Swiss Patented Natural Bio-tech in Aesthetics

  • Patented by Swiss, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • First personalized product in the world
  • The pioneer in application without the injection and surgery
  • Secured by government granted bio-technology
  • Proficiency on cell proliferation and skin regenerating
  • Clinically proved promising result on skin rejuvenation
  • Attached with certification from recognized medical laboratory in Hong Kong


The 6 Benefits from SGC 

 Treatment Application

The ingredients are 99.999% Self cytokines and growth factors.

The manufacturing period is always three weeks.
The application method that we used is smearing.
The frequency for this anti-aging therapy is once per month and it consists of 6 treatments.
The effectiveness of this therapy is sustainable.


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