LPG Endermologie Face Treatment - 1st Trial

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LPG - Technological Innovation for Beauty

Our patented technologies are the result of continuous research conducted by our engineers, our researchers who are part of a SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH COMMITTEE, and our thousands of practitioners throughout the world. Our technology is always designed to naturally improve health and beauty while perfectly respecting the skin’s ecology and the human body’s physiology. 

Face Treatment

Acting like a real skin workout, the motorized flaps awaken the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances.This cell stimulation then helps fibroblasts (rejuvenating cells) to boost their production of collagen (firmness), elastin (suppleness), and hyaluronic acid (volume and hydration), naturally present in our skin.

  1. Smooth wrinkles
    Skin begins to sag and lose its density, creating wrinkles and furrows, mostly on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands.Other external factors, such as UV rays, stress, effect of tobacco, or even pollution, can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Clarify the complexion
    Stress, pollution, lack of sleep, and tobacco use are also factors that darken skin: venous and lymphatic microcirculation slows, and toxins build up. Skin then loses its radiance and the complexion becomes dull.
  3. Firm the skin
    The skin loses firmness and tonicity, the nasolabial folds (laugh lines) become deeper, and the eyelids become droopy. The skin gradually distends, leading to a general sagging of the face.
Reduce the double chin
Double chin is hardly aesthetically pleasing, and it affects both men and women of all ages: it distorts your facial features and makes your face heavier. It is generally caused by the accumulation of fatty masses, but can also arise as a side effect of sagging skin, due to reduced synthesis of natural collagen and elastin fibers.
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