[PROMO] Bio-Electrotherapy 1st Trial FREE Far Infrared Saune [75 mins]

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A Smarter Way of Pain Relief


A non-invasive, drug free therapy which uses extremely low electrical current to stimulate the acupuncture points on the the body for improved healing, pain relieve.

Compared to acupuncture which is minimally invasive due to the usage of needles, Bio-Electrotherapy is completely non-invasive as the only contact point with your skin is through specially designed gloves to conduct.

Bio-Electrotherapy has been used, with success to :

  1. Improving Cellular Metabolism to Increase Energy Levels
  2. Relieving Pain in Nerves, Joints, Muscles and Tendons
  3. Increasing Circulation and Decreasing Inflammation
  4. Accelerate Injury Recovery
  5. Help Detoxify the body at a cellular level


Terms & Conditions: 
1. Valid for NEW CUSTOMERS only. 
2. Advanced booking is required.
3. Valid for one time-user and not exchangeable for cash.
4. Please present the invoice upon redemption.