Prevention is better than cure” – as common as it may sound, it is a maxim that carries genuine truth which has inspired us to step further into the sphere of preventive healthcare as a measure to help every individual to gaining a total wellness. Established in 2014, THE LAUREATE, a subsidiary of Beacon Group of Companies, is one of the leading multi-faceted wellness centres in Malaysia, focusing on Preventive, Anti-ageing and Regenerative services towards achieving total wellness.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art and premium facilities along with highly skilled qualified and enthusiastic healthcare professionals, we provide tailor-made our healthcare services to match the specific needs of our clients according to their individual genetic profile and health history. With such combination, we are able to ensure the best positive desired outcome for every individual who seek healthcare and wellness expertise from us.


At The Laureate, we strongly believe that the state of well-being are collectively reflected by our physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. In a nutshell, when we managed to strike a balance between all these components, that is when we will truly reach the state of “total wellness”. In order to achieve “total wellness”, our Genetic Profile plays a very crucial role as every approach is made personalised as it responds to the individual’s uniqueness at the level of her own genetic profile and health history.

Thus, personalised wellness and preventive healthcare are the keys to achieving a holistic wellness and all it takes are small changes to optimise your health, body, mind and soul to Live Long Live Well. For these reasons, The Laureate’s team of healthcare experts will be your personalised wellness planners who will walk hand-in-hand with you along your journey to achieving a total holistic wellness.

wellness concept


To realise your aspiration to achieving total holistic wellness, The Laureate has exclusively designed a comprehensive and easy-to-follow wellness programme based on four simple yet effective concepts, namely Realign, Rejuvenate, Reshape and Regenerative.