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DNA Profiling

DNA Profiling. Mind Changing. Life Saver.

Customer Testimonials

Discover how The Laureate made an impact in these wonderful human being's lives.

“There was no inherent problem but more by choice that I decided to have my DNA profiled. Every one of us is unique supported by our genes. While we cannot change our inherited genes we can find out the environmental factors that affects our genes. Read more »

Dato Kelvin Tan – 58 years old

“I was constantly on three different Diabetic medication and insulin injection. It has been a burden to me. Ever since I done my DNA Profiling, I get to understand specifically the quantity, meal timing and what type of food I should take and also avoid. Read more »

Tay SL – 48 years old

“I took a lot of precautions, as I was advised to consume specific supplements by Dr Rajbans and Vanessa, that would help with my nervous system damage. Through the programme, I learnt that I cannot take refined carbohydrates because that causes inflammation. Read more »

Steven S – 27 years old

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