Metabolic Profiling

All Disease Starts From One Disease – A BROKEN METABOLISM 

Hormonal imbalance, chronic kidney disease, cancer, fatty liver, hypo/hyperthyroidism, skin allergy, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmmune disorder and weight gain all starts from A Broken Metabolism.


What is metabolism?

It is the foundation of life. All growth and repair processes, immune reponse against bacterial/viral infection, body detoxification process, protein, fats and nutrients metabolism, all chemical and biological reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells are your metabolism. But when your cells are deficient in nutrient or damaged by toxins, this lead to cellular malfunction which compromise your metabolism and you can experience a diminishment of physical functioning and the onset of a host of health conditions and diseases.


A balanced metabolism is a strong foundation for health and vitality.

Having a balanced metabolism helps to optimally use up the fuel and eliminate the by product of metabolism. But if you are having the following signs or symptoms, your metabolism is broken:



Hence, realign your metabolism back to its original normal healthy state is not just for fat loss, but most importantly to minimize cancer and disease risks, improve immune system, skin problems, gut disorders as well as promote hormones balance and more.


The State of Your Health Is In Your Metabolic

It Is Time To Be The Conductor of Your Health

Metabolism is the key to reset and restore your health. All biochemical processes took place in the body has influence on metabolic balance. Improper nutrition or toxicity are the most common cause of resulting in impaired metabolism.
You can become the conductor of your health through your Metabolism. That’s why it is important for you to perform a blood analysis test to know what’s right for you before begin with changing your dietary pattern and lifestyle habits.
Find out in the video how you can become the conductor of your Metabolism.
Your blood tells everything about your metabolism
Your metabolism affects your body function more than what you think. There are estimated of 5 to 6 litres of blood constantly circulating in all parts of your body and organ and the development of any illnesses or diseases can affect the amount of cells and other important components present in the blood. Thus, your blood provides powerful information about the functioning of your organs, body systems, inflammation status or risks of developing diseases.
Treat The Root Cause Not The Symptoms
Determine your metabolic health condition and nutrient deficiency from this powerful metabolic blood analysis. It is not just an indicator to detect possible hidden diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation and treat the symptoms but most importantly to target their root cause of illness.
Your metabolic health profiling will be evaluated together with your current condition, health goal, family history and personal dietary preferences. All this information sets as the basis of your personalised intervention and your consultant will help you to find our the next steps that’s right for you.
Why Metabolic Profiling?
Metabolic coach according to your health need & goal to determine your personalised health transformation and this is able to provide an ACCURATE analysis on :
  1. The Health of Your Organs
  2. Your Fertility Health
  3. Your Cardiovascular & Stroke Risk
  4. Your Hormonal Health
  5. Your Immune Health
  6. Your Personalised Nutritional Recommendation

How to get started?

  • You are required to fast for 10 hours on the night before your blood collection.
  • Your blood sample will then be collected at the Laureate Wellness centre.
  • You will need to wait for 7 - 14 Days to receive your metabolic profile.
  • Then, you will start your 90 days personalised health journey*, supported by the Laureate METABOLIC Consultants
*T&C Applied

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