Use Weight Lose Diet Plan To Lose 5kg In A Month, Possible?


Such topic like “How to lose 5kg in a month by weight loss diet?”

 Always attract people’s interest however, dramatic weight loss diet is never recommended by health provider.

Instead of introducing those unsustainable weight loss diet plan,
this article would help if you face these following problems:
- Why my weight does not drop despite diet and exercise?

- Why fad diets work on my friends, but not on me?


In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all weight loss diet programme. People respond differently to different diets and exercise. Thus, people may keep trying different fad diets, but some may be risky.


For example :



Only Consume fruits as meal

 Very Low Calorie Diet


< 800 calories per day



Meal replacement diet 

Replace 1 or 2 meals with meal replacement shake drink which only provides 100-200 kcal per servings.


Low Carbohydrates Diet

Focus on

●     Protein : Fish, Meat, Poultry…

●     Non-starchy vegetables

In fact, gene matters.
Gene determines your response to food and exercise.
Those who carry more bad fatty genes are at higher risk of getting fat.
Their body may digest and absorb fat faster but hardly burn fat into energy.
The good news is : You can turn off those bad genes
Genes cannot be changed, but gene expression can be.People at higher genetic risk of obesity can suppress the effect of obesity genes by getting an ideal intervention plan which fits them genetically.
In short, to lose weight, you can:
1. Keep trial and error on finding a general weight loss diet plan programme which suits you.
If you are lucky, you will get good results. However, you may also be introduced with
attractive but dangerous programme which cause nutrients deficiency and diseases.

High chance of bouncing back to original shape :
Most extreme diets are effective for short term results,
but not sustainable for maintenance of healthy weight.

Go for personalized DNA Profiling & weight loss diet management programme.

What is DNA profiling? Why it is beneficial?

 DNA profiling is a DNA preventative Healthcare test, a new science-based
health solution that helps discovering current and future personal health conditions. It is only needed once in a lifetime.
 Weak gene may worsen synthesis of enzyme which takes part in various body metabolisms. Throughout DNA profiling, we can maximize the effect of good genes and suppress the expression of bad genes. It is not a test which only tells you the condition, but it provides solutions to prevent possible hidden disease and cancer, telling how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and others. Since DNA genetic profiling is unique, the intervention is different for each individual.
"You can stop the guesswork now"
Where to have DNA preventative healthcare test and healthy lifestyle programme in Malaysia?
Personalized Weight loss diet Management Programme is available in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.


 The Laureate provides a comprehensive weight loss diet management programme in Petaling Jaya which includes :


1. DNA profiling :
- Pain-free DNA Profiling 

- Well-established laboratory and research background in Australia supported by government for >30 years.

2. Interpretation of DNA Profiling report , which tells you :
- Fat metabolism
- Body response to certain exercise and food
- Genetic effect on cardiovascular health
- Detoxification, Inflammation

3. A sustainable weight loss diet management plan :

- Wellness diet plan consultation session

- Aim to fit your genes, personal goal, and healthy lifestyle
- Find out exercise, diet type suits you the most
- Any preventive healthcare supplement needed for hidden disease?
- Detoxification, body reshaping treatment needed?

4. Lifelong monitoring and care by professional Nutrigenomic practitioner