THE LAUREATE BROCCO X (Broccoli Sprout Extract)


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Broccoli Sprout Extract x 30 Sachets of Goodness

Broccoli Sprouts are three to four-day-old baby brococoli. They contain high amounts of glucoraphanin and enzyme myrosinase compare to mature broccoli. When they are cut or chewed, the two compounds mixed together wherein glucoraphnin is converted to Suforaphane by myrosinase. Once Brocco-X is mixed with water, the Broccoli Sprout powder will start to produce Sulforaphane. When consumed, Sulforaphane are easily absorbed by human cells, giving health promoting benefits. 

Benefits of Broccoli X

  • Activate cell's internal defense system
  • Boost body's antioxidant level to fight free radicals
  • Support phase-II liver detoxification to eliminate the harmful compounds within the body

Product ideal for

  • who looking for cancer prevention
  • who looking for internal detoxification
  • who wish to protect themselves against inflammation