Heart Disease: Genetic VS Lifestyle

Heart Disease: Genetic VS Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how do we get heart disease if there is family history of heart diseases, does this means that you are at risk of getting too? Still, there has been on-going debate about whether genetics or lifestyle have more of an impact on our health.

Do we throw up our hands and believe our destiny is determined, or do we in fact, have control over preventing heart disease through our diet and lifestyle choice.


How does your genes relate to heart disease?

1. The three high symptoms (hypertension, high cholesterol, high sugar)

- People that are inherited with poor AGT genes variation states that they absorb salt twice faster than normal person. This leads to hypertension. 
- People that have a poor fat metabolism genes variation (FABP2, PPARγ) tends to store fats in the body. This leads to high cholesterol and high blood sugar level.


2. Inflammation (root cause of all disease)


Some people require longer recovery period than normal person is due to they could be inherited with poor pro-inflammation and anti-inflammation genes that is used to regulate the body's inflammation status.


3. Homocysteine (thickness of blood)

People that are inherited with poor homocysteine metabolism and vitamin B12 absorption genes tend to contains high amount of homocysteine in the blood. This thickens the blood and increase risk of getting stroke.


4. Lifestyle habits that triggers genes causing heart disease

The risk for heart disease can increase even more when heridity combines with unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, abusing alcohol, lack of physical activities, high consumption of processed and/or fried foods and irregular/skipping meals.



In short, your genes is the "bullet" while your lifestyle habits pulls the "trigger"! 

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