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Why Bird's Nest Does Not Decompose in Caves for Thousand Years?

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To protect the bird’s nest essence, when the saliva is spew out from the mouth of the bird, it will acts as a cement once it is dried due to presence of mucilage. People usually take bird’s nest for youthful skin and anti-aging purpose but many people does not know what actually we need from bird’s nest.  
The answer is Sialic acid, naturally occurring building block found in cell membranes plays an important role in human physiology and known to:
  • Supports the brain development of babies and children
  • Strengthens the immune system function
  • Acts as brain nutrients for memory enhancement and prevention of alzheimer
  • Enhance the respiratory system
  • Reduce the loss of skin collagen
  • Improve the function of cells and organs
  • Prevent aging
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But the problem is do you think human body can absorb the essence when you cook it?

People usually consume bird’s nest as a soup by cooking and eating it. However, sialic acid and other essential nutrients available in bird’s nest will decrease throughout the cooking process. This is due to the nutrients are often resistant to heat.
Not only that, people worry about the danger of impurities and sodium nitrate content brings to our health and this may dilute the nutrients and sialic acid concentration that may eventually affect the quality and effectiveness of the bird’s nest product.
Which is the best?

Biotechnology Bird's Nest Essence


Bio-tech Bird’s nest sialic acid essence is produced using patented technology to provide safety and quality assurance.

1.      Ultrafiltration Technique

100% removal of fine feathers and impurities from the bird’s nest such as sands, egg shells and small feathers


2.      Nano-bubble Electeophoresis

100% removal of dirt, heavy metal and sodium nitrate at the bottom of small cavities

3.    Biohydrolysis Technique


Break down to <3000 daltons nanomolecules to ensure 100% absorption


4.      Cold-pressed Technique


Retain the beneficial properties of bird’s nest and rescue the loss of nutrients and sialic acid



What is the different with traditionally cooked bird’s nest?



Who needs Silaic Acid?

  1. Pregnant women
  • increase the quantity and quality of sialic acid in breast milk
  1. 2 Years Old
  • helps the growth of baby brain cells and maintain normal cell tissues
  1. 3-20 Years Old
  • Improve cognitive development and enhance learning functions
  1. 21-30 Years Old
  • Protects from bactera/virus invasion, improve immunity
  1. 31-50 Years Old
  • Delay cell aging, improve sleep quality, strengthen lung, kidney and stomach function, enhance physical strength and stamina.
  1. 51-100 Years Old
  • Ensure the balance of negative ions to prevent “neurodegeneration” of the elderly
Bird’s nest is definitely suitable for all age-group!
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