HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Burn Fat Cell Immediately without Damage Skin Surface

ULSTAM(HIFU) is based on the same principle of convex lens that burns the paper with a focused concentration of sunray.

HIFU treatment deliver high density energy to each selected depth that fascia layer and fat in skin without damage on surface.


HIFU Body Principle

  • High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) beam passing through the skin and superficial tissues without causing injury.
  • The temperature at the focal point causes rapid cell death, but tissues immediately above and below the focal point are unharmed.



  • “ULSTAM” is the most advanced and newest for body slimming machine by using HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology.
  • “ULSTAM” is a new type of Non-surgical, Non-invasive treatment for the body that uses Micro-Focused Ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to tighten loose skin.


How ULSTAM Works

Feature Of ULSTAM


  • The first stamping type of HIFU for body
  • Equipped with 4 transducers
  • 2 Cartridges ( 13 mm/ 7 mm ) - 13mm Cartridge for Abdomen, Thigh - 7mm Cartridge for Forearm, Flanks
  • Non-surgical & Non-invasive
  • HIFU body is focused on targeted fat only by accurate depth. And skin surface is not harmed during treatment.
  • Stamp mode / Auto mode



ULSTAM Body Indications


ULSTAM Body Handpiece

13mm Cartridge

7.0mm Cartridge
  • Abdomen, Thigh fat reduction
  • Hip shaping
  • Warranty of cartridge : 20,000 stamps
  • Forearms & Flanks contouring
  • Warranty of cartridge : 20,000 stamps


Body Treatment Interval

One session with One cartridge:
3 to 4 weeks Total 3 sessions(Normal)

For Abdomen

One session with Two cartridges: 4 weeks Total 3 sessions
(In case of thickness measurement value is more than 35mm.)


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