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Immunity Report - DNA Test

Boosting immunity is always the hottest discussion topic from young to old! Knowing your immune system weak or strong is important! Do you know that stomach indigestion, flu/cold, food allergy/intolerance, skin problem, fatigue or headache could be the sign of immune system imbalance? When your immune system is depressed, you are losing the natural ability to defend against bacterial/viral infection and disease. But when it is overdrive, this can result in the development of chronic inflammation leading to autoimmune disorder.

Immunity DNA Test, a comprehensive analysis of your personal 32 functional genes to find out how well your immune response and risk of getting infection is. This test allows you to find out what is your limitating factor that suppress immune system and specific nutrients to boost up your immune system.

Immunity DNA Test includes:

  • DNA report with personalised nutrition and lifestyle intervention plan
  • Nutrigenomic Practitioner consultation x1

Who needs Immunity DNA Test?

  • People who wish to understand own immune response
  • People who fall sick easily/difficult to recover
  • People who wish to boost up immune system
  • People who suffers from autoimmune disease, sinus or eczema

Immunity DNA Test is powered by Fitgenes Australia – providing genetic test reports since 2009. Fitgenes is a world leader in developing genetic profile reports that provide dietary, lifestyle and exercise interventions.

Sample collection

Fast for an hour, collect oral mucosa by using buccal swab, and send to Australia for analysis with 99% accuracy.  Test once in your life time only.