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Bird's Nest Bio-Essence
x 7 Bottles of Goodness

According to the ancient Chinese medication dictionary (Compedium of Materia Medica - Ben Cao Gang Mu), Bird's Nest invigorate the lungs, increases energy (Qi), improves kidney health, strengthens spleen and nourishes the body. 

The benefits of Bird's Nest include: preserving "Yin", reduce the body heat, boosts energy and stamina, reduce fatigue by nourishing the lungs, relieves cough, control asthma including the other benefits as follows:

Benefits of Bird's Nest

  • Enhance the regeneration of cells and immune systems
  • Restore energy and stamina
  • Minimizing the damage done by X-rays or harmful effects of radiation
  • Boost heart functions
  • Reduce internal chillness symptoms

Product ideal for

  • Pregnant women - Helps to promote fetal brain development
  • Postpartum women - Speed up recovery, regain body shape and beauty
  • People who have tension, workload fatigue - Relieve tiredness and alleviate pressure
  • Weakness after illness, asthma patients - Regain energy and strength, improve immune system

The Comparisons between Bird's Nest Bio-Essence with Traditional Bird's Nest

  1. Nitrite and heavy metals are removed using Bio-Technology
  2. Feather and insoluble particles are completely removed by ultra-filtration
  3. Small molecules (average 3000 Daltons) are easily absorbed
  4. Processed in low heat temperature in order to preserve bird's nest active ingredient and its biological activity
  5. Produce 100% water-soluble bird's nest peptide and polysaccharides using Bio-Technology
  6. Natural and free from preservatives and bleaching agent